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offers: Free $60 piece of jewelry from Target!

  1. Arden

    honeydew / 7589 posts

    @swurlygurl: Hahaha, I got the exact same earrings with that La Mer watch in Black.

  2. tlcbaby

    nectarine / 2750 posts

    DH just got home from Target - got me a cute pair of earrings for $7 and a nice Timex Ironman that I can wear in the pool for free!


  3. mrskc

    bananas / 9357 posts

    Yay! worked for me. @Pepper: sent me the link to the text she got with the coupon. I added it to my Passbook and it worked. I got a little worried when the clerk called her manager but all was good. I got a $5 clearance necklace and a $50 watch for free. Accessories were pretty picked over tonight so there wasn't a lot to choose from.

  4. Pepper

    pomelo / 5820 posts

    @mrskc: woot woot!

  5. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    I just picked up a $40 Timex watch for DH!

  6. Boheme

    papaya / 10473 posts

    I wish mine would work! I'm sad!

  7. Smurfette

    GOLD / wonderful coconut / 33402 posts

    @grizz: me too!

  8. MrsHotDog

    kiwi / 711 posts

    I got some $7 earrings and a timex! Thanks for the heads up.

    My coupon didn't pull up the first time I went into my app but it did the second time!

  9. photojane

    cantaloupe / 6164 posts

    @mrskc: so glad you were able to get it!!


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