so i'm looking more into couponing now. i've always thought if extreme couponing was possible, my mom of all people would be able to do it. she's collected coupons for as long as i can remember and nothing ever makes an appreciable dent in her grocery bill. she's from canada.

so couponing in seattle, i'm realizing that "doubling" is not something that our state really does (with the exception of perhaps albertsons....but the one closest to me went out of business, go figure). doubling sounds like a store will match a manufacturer's coupon for the sake of bringing people in the door, yes?

so fine, no doubling. but here's my frustration. i have a few things that i buy all the time. chobani yogurt. mountain high yogurt. today i found a coupon for Franz bread. whenever i try to go print any of these, 9 times out of 10 i can't.
here's what i get today:

We're sorry, but we are out of coupons.
Please visit our website for more information.

the Franz website hung for a long time after submitting my email address and then went to a blank page

i'm pretty sure i've printed coupons from this website before:
says: Oops, there seems to have been an error! Try again.

does anyone else have printing woes?

second question: i search through the coupons that i get in my free newspapers that comes to my door, are the coupons in the sunday papers that much different than what i can find and print online (assuming i can print them?)