I know I've seen someone mention hip2save on here before...

My question:
She mentions a deal on baby products this week at Target (starting July 6). Her scenario involves buying 4 boxes of Pampers at 24.99 plus another small item to get the total to 100.

Target has 20 off 100 dollar purchase PLUS two 10 dollar gift cards for purchasing the 4 boxes of diapers...PLUS using four 2 dollar coupons to get 8 dollars off...Plus I can use my red card (5% off) to get the total to be around 50 dollars.

With a newborn on the way, we will most likely be using more disposable and less cloth for a while...

Is this a good deal? Has anyone ever actually done it? It seems a little too advanced for me..haha.

Hers the link to her explanation since I'm all over the place