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offers: September Deals Thread!

  1. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @regberadaisy: really??? oh wait. I think the code is for tomorrow

  2. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    @Coco Bee: ahhh hahah OK. Does it start tomorrow or only valid tomorrow?

  3. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @regberadaisy: I'm not sure. This is the email I got and it's not very clear. First it says sale starts Friday, but then it says the new member code ends tonight at midnight... so confusing.

  4. LAGS

    clementine / 916 posts

    @Coco Bee: I basically got the female version of the box you just received. The onsie with the lion on it... I got a pink one with a cow. Ugly. I got the wrap style long sleeved onesie too, and then poorly made pants and a plain T. Soo disappointed in wittlebee.

  5. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @LAGS: I liked the wrap kimono, it was cute.
    Otherwise yeah... so sorry your box was a disappointment I suppose you got it on promotion? That's the one disadvantage to the coupon codes, you can't return it or exchange for a different box.

  6. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    GlamourMom Nursing tanks are on Zulily today!

  7. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    Formula feeding mamas: check your CVS for the ready made enfamil. The cases are 50% off at mine, combine that with a coupon & you have yourself a sweet deal on ready mixed formula! That stuff's $$$$!

  8. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @mrs. bird: wow, that's awesome!

  9. however briefly

    cherry / 249 posts

    ergo performance and organic carriers are on babysteals right now for $84.99

  10. Mrs. Lovejoy

    clementine / 972 posts

    For all you ladies who love ASOS, I just saw on Joanna Goddard's blog that they are doing 20% off with the code: 20ACUPOFJO until Monday 9/24. That coupled with their free shipping and decent prices, makes for an exciting day

  11. LAGS

    clementine / 916 posts

    @Coco Bee: I agree the kimono is cute, I was actually excited for it!

  12. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    ergo on amazon in camel for $77! http://slickdeals.net/f/5218652-ERGObaby-Original-Baby-Carrier-Camel-77-55-and-FS-Amazon they tend to change prices around, so hope it stays low for anyone who needs one!

  13. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    @scg00387: haha I was just going to post about the Ergo!

  14. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    i dont know if this is a fabulous deal, but i'm ordering one to see if I like it! $10 for a maternity maxi http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/womens/PRD~1114703/Oh+Baby+by+Motherhood+Secret+Fit+Belly+Maxi+Skirt.jsp

    Free ship with FREE2SHIP
    20% with code FFSEPT20 (and ebates!)

  15. immabeetoo

    honeydew / 7687 posts

    I had these on our amazon list & was scrolling through to delete something.. and saw they'd price dropped to $34 (!!) the cheapest I've seen for sure:

    Aden & Anais Swaddlers in Mod About Baby for $34 - http://www.amazon.com/aden-anais-Muslin-Swaddle-About/dp/B002SW3B1I/ref=br_it_dp_o_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=3QJ1MRZ2XVZ53&coliid=I3I4K3W5Q8MBPC these say they are the 47 by 47

  16. sylvie_b

    apricot / 458 posts

    Boppy pillows on sale @ Gilt today!

  17. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    seventh generation diapers are on ecobaby buys! $28.79 for 4 jumbo packs! that's a really good deal for them, on amazon the size 3, with the amazon mom discount, are .29/diaper, these are .20/diaper.


    edit to add: shippings sucks, maybe there's a coupon code somewhere??

  18. PrincessBaby

    cantaloupe / 6610 posts

    Ergo pouches are on BabySteals....I had to laugh because they're essentially fanny packs. I will be wearing LO with Comfy Joey slings, so we're going to get the Ergo for DH. I can just see asking him to wear a fanny pack in addition to the Ergo. Wow. We're officially not cool anymore!!!

  19. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    25% off GAP through tomorrow. Code: PRETTYGAP

  20. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    35% off Gap sale items with GAPSALE ! Today & tomorrow!


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