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offers: February Deals Thread!

  1. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    @mrs. bird: I'm not sure bc I have a ergo sport on mine but I didn't check get to check till hours later and obvs it was gone!

  2. wheres_c

    pomelo / 5789 posts

    I'm not sure if this was targeted just to me - but google offers has $20 off $100, $10 off $60 or $5 off $30 at Babies R Us

  3. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    50% off everything (prices already show reductions) and free shipping at shade (the grown up store by the same people that own gymboree). some SUPER cheap items if you're looking for cheap women's or maternity clothing.

  4. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    Time to stock up on infant and toddler toys! Toys R Us is having a B1G1 sale on Fisher-Price toys.

    Buy (1) Fisher-Price toy at $25 or more and you’ll get another Fisher-Price infant toy for free up to a $24.99 value!

    If you choose to take advantage of this sale in store, make sure to check out the Fisher-Price printable coupons available at coupons.com for an even bigger savings!

  5. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    Don't know much about car seats but saw this advertised and thought I'd post it: $129 for Graco Nautilus Car Seat


  6. Dandelion

    watermelon / 14206 posts

    I'm guessing this would be the right place to put this...

    I have a coupon for $20 off $100 order at Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity, or A Pea in the Pod Maternity. I'm at 36 weeks, so I have no use for buying new maternity clothes...especially not $100 worth!

    It's got a unique 12 digit barcode, so I guess it's only good for one person? I could be wrong...but here's the code: 111364094417

    If you use it, let us know, so no one else gets their hopes up. I guess 2 people can try it, to see if it works more than once.

  7. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    coach factory sale! there are 5 bags in the baby section, all 50% off right now. you have to sign up as a member though so see the sale i think. this is just a copy & pasted address, i don't think it's my referral, but if it does link to me somehow just let me know & i'll take it down.

  8. shopaholic

    bananas / 9973 posts

    GroBags sleep sacks on BabySteals right now!

    I'm planning on getting the 6-18 months after reading good reviews on them here and that they seem to run bigger (will last longer) that some other brands? They have 1.0 and 2.5 togs up to 36 months size in some styles!

  9. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

  10. lilyann

    nectarine / 2878 posts

    I just scored a Britax Boulevard for 171.94 after shipping on NBD, just goes to show persistance pays off (atleast I hope that was a good deal!) Thanks for introducing me to NBD bees!

  11. wheres_c

    pomelo / 5789 posts

  12. andrea86

    cherry / 134 posts

    I don't know if this is a super good deal or not, but Foscams are on groupon right now. They are $69 with out the antenna or $74 with.


  13. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    Silicone baking cups on pick your plum!
    $3.99/dozen + 3.95 flat shipping.
    I picked up 2 sets of round and 1 square for bento boxes. So glad I didn't buy from amazon over the weekend!


    pea / 23 posts

    They have DeeDee Sleep sacks on Zulily today! $24.99-$29.99 depending on size!

  15. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    Lots of new stuff on NBD! Including a snuggbunny swing for 68.99!

  16. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    Free shipping on nBD this week using code SHIPZERO

  17. photojane

    cantaloupe / 6164 posts

    Just wanted to add that I got my FP My Little Lamb swing on NBD for a similar price as the current Little Snuggabunny deal, and it has been awesome! Sadie's chillin' in there right now. Best baby purchase, for sure!

  18. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    @photojane: snuggabunny was my one gear regret!! M hated ours but loves the snuggabunny! They have it at day care. Def buying it for #2!

  19. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14932 posts

    @regberadaisy: @photojane: best purchase ever. LO still loves to just sit in the swing and talk to herself in the mirror while i do stuff! she doesn't nap in it anymore @ 5m though, just plays! lol

  20. regberadaisy

    GOLD / wonderful pomegranate / 28905 posts

    Baby steals archive sale! Lots of good stuff include Aden & Anais sleep bags, halo, teething necklaces, bento boxes, shoes etc etc

  21. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

  22. Alivoo01

    wonderful olive / 19353 posts

    @mrs. bird: That's an awesome deal!!

  23. wheres_c

    pomelo / 5789 posts

    @mrs. bird: already gone

  24. wheres_c

    pomelo / 5789 posts

    @mrs. bird: hopefully they have another one soon!

  25. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @mrs. bird: Im looking for a bjorn bouncer (any color). If you see one please let me know!!

  26. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    @T.H.O.U.: oh, hey had one yesterday! i'll let you know if i see one though & i can put it in my cart to buy you some time

  27. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @mrs. bird: Thanks! How much was the one yesterday do you remember?

  28. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    @T.H.O.U.: i think it was $79

  29. T.H.O.U.

    wonderful clementine / 24134 posts

    @mrs. bird: Great, thanks. Thats a pretty good cost savings! I would love to grab one.

  30. lawbee11

    GOLD / watermelon / 14076 posts

    @regberadaisy: Thanks for putting this code on here! I just got a Snoogle from NBD for $17.99 + free shipping!

  31. swedishfish

    GOLD / coconut / 8266 posts

    Danzo bags and PPB touring totes on my habit right now. The PPB totes are only $65!

  32. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    @mrs. bird: Do you know if Target Clearance prices are the same for every store, or do they vary between stores?

    I saw Huggies Pure & Natural diapers being clearanced out. $13.85 for "Big Paks" (size 3 have 70 diapers) in them. Also saw Luvs being clearanced out but forgot to take note of price & qty. I believe these are 30% off right now.

    Target has a $2 off coupon on their site if you buy a pack of Huggies & a container of wipes.

    There are a few Fisher Price toys with good coupons too. I picked up the Laugh & Learn Puppy for $10 off -- $5 from Target.com coupon and $5 from coupons.com. Came out to $7.99+tax. There are also 2 Giggle Gang coupons for $6 off ($3 from Target.com and $3 from coupons.com). I'm not sure if I will keep the Giggle Gang toy... it was a bit annoying!

    There was another $2 off $10 purchase of Fisher Price items and $3 off $15 purchase of FP items but they wouldn't stack with the ones I used. You can find these on coupons.com.

  33. sunny

    coconut / 8430 posts

    I can't find the March deals thread! Is there one?

    Just saw this in my inbox... Paige Maternity denim for 40% off! I would have been all over this when I was pregnant!


  34. mrs. bird

    bananas / 9628 posts

    @sunny: i didn't start a march one yet because it didn't seem like the feb one was getting much love so i wasn't sure if it was still something people were getting much use out of. maybe a 'spring' one for march (since it's half way over), april & may. i'll go start one and i can add to it later on today.


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