I think everyone knows about woot, zulily and the other deal-a-day websites where you can score good deals on baby gear, but I have a couple lesser known places that I've had really good luck with and thought I'd share!

First, and I was surprised more people didn't know about it, but REI has their scratch and dent sales once every 3 or 4 months (and every store has them on different days, so if you live close to multiple REI stores, you have more chances to score a deal)...they also have a very liberal return policy...so things that get returned often get sold at these sales at a HUGE discount. I paid 170 (including tax) for a BOB revolution stroller that was new, just last years model. You can also call the day before and ask the store about the strollers they'll have...people (at least in Atlanta) camp out for these things, so you want to make sure its worth your while if you're going to wait in line for a few hours!

My favorite website is http://www.nobetterdeal.com. They handle damaged box and returned items and then resell them at a discount. Just today I bought the uppababy travel bag, which at buy buy baby is 89.99 and I paid 39.99. I purchased a graco snugride for 74.99, a baby k'tan for 21.99 and my angelcare movement and sound monitor for 49.99. If you're looking for something specific, its a good idea to check the website daily (or every couple of days) because the inventory changes, but I have seen really good deals on Britax carseats, motorola video monitors, swings and bouncy chairs and diapers! I have been extremely happy with all of my purchases, have recommended them to friends who have likewise been very pleased with items they've bought. Their customer service is awesome, too!

Does anyone else have any places/websites they'd like to share?