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looking: canvas pictures

Anyone seen any deals on canvas pictures - 11x14 or larger?

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  1. Jess1483

    nectarine / 2641 posts

    @Mamaof2: Canvas on demand has a couple. Check out their Facebook page. I really like the quality.

  2. Jess1483

    nectarine / 2641 posts

    It looks like it ended yesterday, but they extended through today.

  3. Ash

    honeydew / 7909 posts

    Snapfish has 11x14 for $18.99.

  4. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @Jess1483: @Ash: thanks!!

  5. LindsayInNY

    bananas / 9229 posts

    I use Canvas on Demand but buy a GroupOn for it!

  6. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @LindsayInNY: good call - saved about $16 that way plus 6% ebates

  7. littlebug

    honeydew / 7504 posts

    @Mamaof2: Gah, looks like you already purchased, but this just came across my Groupon - 90% off! https://www.groupon.com/deals/canvas-people-11?date=20151203

  8. Mamaof2

    squash / 13208 posts

    @littlebug: well I was mad at first - lol - but then saw they charge an extra $10 for shipping the big ones so it ends up being the same as what I paid -

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